It was new years eve and the mescaline was making the world spin seductively.  I had just taken my second E and was starting to peak off the first.  Out of nowhere a kid walks up with that goofy look on his face that means he’s just about to lose control.  He noticed me behind my glasses and bandana, touched my bear hat and flashed a huge smile.  I said “Hi, I’m Frankalish!”  He kind of looked at me and said excitedly.  “This I my first time!”  I took him in my arms, “Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you for 20 years!”  He hugged me tight and asked what I meant… It was to late the build had broken the bass was blaring and the floor was moving I broke our hug and we both got down.  I lost him in the crowd in the haze and then the balloons and confetti dropped.  Twenty one years…

It was July in Southern California and the dry heat was making the A/C work overtime in my first apartment Daniel and Sean had gotten back from West Hollywood and had flyers for some party called Groove Pig.  It was supposed to be in China town, after deciding to go we rolled a joint and decided that C&C Music Factory had some great bass and felt more like the industrial music we had been listening to coming out of Chicago’s Wax Trax Studios, compared to what that Cobain kid was making in Seattle, this had the beat it had the desire built into the sound and it made us all want to move.

Daniel and I got ready and Sean the only one of us who had been to a “Rave” critiqued our outfits and told us about what we should expect. “It’s like nothing you have seen before.” He blurted.  “Is it like 555 or Soma?” I asked.  “Not at all Roach!”    The drive into LA was long and we were all excited to get to the checkpoint for tickets.  My mind was reeling.  How could this be so different? Would I fit in?

Sean looked up from the Thomas Bros Guide and said “Turn here, it should be near Aardvarks.”  There was one person that had a flashlight and looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland with lots of people milling around.  Turned out Groove Pig had been shut down but there was a party happening at 7th and Industry.  We hopped back in the CRX and Sean started working the Thomas Bros.  Daniel from the back asked; “What should we do now?”  Sean screamed back; “I’m looking for the page! Did he say 7th and Industry?”  The CD player was skipping so I switched to KROQ and Kurt Cobain was screaming about Teen Spirit.  Sean found the address and we were on our way.

We arrived in the broken down industrial part of south LA and parked. There were people emerging from cars all over and you could hear the bass coming from a dark three story warehouse.  We paid our 20 dollars and dropped the acid we had brought with us to use and sell.  The first room was dark save a red floodlight pointing us in the direction we needed to go.  When I rounded the corner I was immediately hot, the humidity in the air was making it hard to breathe and then the lights hit and I knew right then this is where I want to be, this is where I belong.